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SFB Series Cross-flow Cooling Tower

Modular combination, smooth and beautiful appearance.High quality fan (patent ZL200910195789), wing ty...

SFH Compound Flow Closed Cooling Tower

The company independently developed large-scale closed cooling tower, set a number of patented technol...

SFD Large Steel Cooling Tower

The product has been inspected by the authoritative thermal Institute in China. It has excellent therm...

Other types of cooling towers

The company has developed 12 series of high-tech products with more than 500 varieties and specificati...

  • 1974

    In 1974,Shangyu fan plant was set up to develop China's first cooling tower dedicated fan to replace imports

  • 1992年

    In 1992,the cooling towers of the company began to export to Southeast Asian countries such as Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

  • 2002年

    In 2002,34 4600t/h cooling towers should be used in Shanghai Secco Petrochemical (the largest domestic circulating water farm).

  • 2004年

    In 2004,Zhejiang shangfeng cooling tower Co., Ltd. was founded.

  • 2008年

    In 2008,the shangfeng cooling tower is involved in the national standard setting of cooling towers (GB/T7190-2008).

  • 2010年

    In 2010,SFL series large and medium sized cooling towers efficient axial flow fan won the National Invention Award, supported by the national innovation fund.

  • 2015年

    In 2015,the products are tested and reviewed by the US CTI certification and the national quality supervision and inspection center of FRP products.

  • 2017年

    In 2017,the company has been awarded state-level high-tech enterprises, and the large-scale composite flow closed cooling tower has been successfully manufactured.

  • 2018年

    In 2018,winning the bid, Shenzhen metro, Wuhan subway, Shougang Jingtang Iron and steel and other national key projects.


Zhejiang Shangfeng Cooling Tower Co., Ltd.

Shangfeng cooling tower,because of inheritance and heavy,condensation and take off,innovation and beyond,professional and leading.Upwind cooling tower,careful to create a “scientific and technological innovation products,service weaving the future,integrity cast brand”concept to serve customers,return to the community.Upwind cooling tower,based on sincerity,with the heart to build a dream,adhere to the pragmatic development strategy,integrity,innovation,service,win-win business approach,constantly build a city & industrial supporting construction,improve the excellent customer experience......

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